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  • How ATMs Bring More Business to Your Small Business

     |  By: Sky Trammel

    If thinking about getting an ATM, the obvious question you’ll ask is, “Will this bring my business more money?” Overwhelmingly, the answer is yes!

    An ATM will:

    • Cause customers to spend more
    • Bring passersby into your store
    • Turn some of those passersby into customers
    • Make you money whether people spend the cash they withdraw at your store or not
    • Help you avoid credit card company fees

    Everything You Could Ask For

    Most ATM customers will spend more than non-ATM customers, since the average ATM customer will buy something from you with the money withdrawn at your store.

    An ATM will also bring people into your store who need an ATM and happen to be passing by your store. You can profit both from the ATM  surcharge on cash they withdraw and when they spend some of that cash in your store — which some of them surely will. In these situations, the ATM will turn people who wouldn’t have even stepped into your store into paying customers.

    If you have an ATM, you can avoid taking checks, and if credit card company fees become too much, you can save on those costs by insisting on cash WHILE ALSO capturing a percentage of the cash withdrawn — and if customers are required to take out cash, they will generally withdraw more than they need for the immediate transaction. Not only will customers and even passersby spend more money with you than they would have otherwise, but you’ll receive a portion of what they take out regardless of whether they spend anything at all.

    Access Money’s technician will train you on how to work all aspects of your ATM. After that, you can spend as little as 10 minutes per month on your ATM. Compared to the rest of your business efforts, the profits you’ll make from your ATM may feel like free money requiring no effort.

    You Can’t Lose

    An ATM will draw in more customers and increase sales, and can minimize the hassle of having to deal with checks, all while requiring almost no effort. If you’ve been wondering if an ATM would be worth the cost, it’s very hard to see how it wouldn’t be. There’s almost no way an ATM won’t make you money.

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