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     |  By: Sky Trammel

    When people need cash on the go and can’t get to a bank, they go to an ATM. At a special event, though, standard, stationary ATMs will not be available and mobile ATMs are necessary.

    Mobile ATMs are great because:

    • They run on state of the art technology
    • They require no phone lines that were needed in previous models and run completely wirelessly
    • You can place them at venues that are outside and that could not host a standard ATM
    • The use of the internet and real time reporting allow you to track transactions from wherever you are

    What We Can Do for You

    If you go with Access Money as your ATM provider, when we deliver your mobile ATM, we also provide signage so all passersby at the venue will be able to find it.

    For any necessary followup, we provide skilled technicians who will not only check via the wireless report that the machine is topped up with cash but also that the machine is functioning properly technically. We make hosting a mobile ATM an easy, no effort deal for you, so you can make money from the ATM while focusing entirely on running your business. Once you make the decision to host an ATM, you don’t really have to do anything else; we take care of everything.

    Your Bottom Line

    Since a huge portion of the money withdrawn from an ATM at an event, as much as 80 percent, will likely end up in your profit margin, you need to be sure to have a mobile ATM at your event. Without one, you’re just making it more difficult for people to spend money with you. And you don’t ever want to find yourself in a situation where customers can’t give you money.

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