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    Even with the ubiquity of debit and credit cards, people will always want or need to use cash. And with costs increasing for businesses to accept debit and credit cards, it’s a great idea to encourage the use of cash by having an ATM.


    Having an ATM machine on site can save you money on credit card processing, and you can also make money off of surcharges.

    Some benefits of adding an ATM:

    • Some passersby who otherwise would not have stopped in to your business will use your ATM and then spend money with you
    • You can avoid credit card company fees as much as possible
    • You can make money when people use the ATM, whether they spend any of the money they withdraw with you or not

    After you set up your ATM, it can take almost no effort from you to keep making you money, month after month after month. And you can rest assured that we offer 24 hour ATM monitoring services.

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